ClubIn – Internationaler Treff

Wir freuen uns auf dich!

ClubIn – Internationaler Treff

Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Our Team

At ClubIn a group of volunteers supports the two pedagogues. Right now 9 people form the voluntary team. They themselves have moved to Germany recently (some months or a few years ago) and know well what it means to find one´s way abroad. They are ready to give you advice concerning all your questions about life in Germany. Further more they perform as DJ*anes and bar tenders at ClubIn and make sure you´ll have a good time! On our weekend trips they act as group leaders. With all these roles they help shape our ClubIn program. In return for their commitment we offer further educational training for our volunteers. 

Meet our team here: 

Ulrike Stempfle
Management ClubIn,
Social Worker (FH)

“Getting to know and working with people with a wide range of different cultural backgrounds is a challenge, but most of all an enrichment. It means to question your own standards, to accept irritation, to discover new things and to stay in motion.”


Alexa Borgert
Social Pedagogical Assistant,
M.A. Intercultural Communication

“Arriving on your own in a foreign country where you don’t know anyone is a huge challenge, which I have experienced myself and can relate to. That is why I would like to contribute with my work at ClubIn to supporting
young people on their arrival in Munich and to help them in shaping their new path in life. For me, ClubIn is an inclusive place of intercultural encounter where everyone is part of the community in their unique way – regardless of
ethnic origin, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and
world view, and social background. I would like to make it a second home for
you, too, or simply a place where you can come together with new friends.”



“I´m Emna, I´m 24 years old and I´m from Tunisia. I´ve been in Germany since 2018. First I came to ClubIn as a visitor and then I became a member of the ClubIn Team. As a volunteer I´m happy to meet you at ClubIn and to spend time with you. If you have any questions concerning life in Germany I´m always there to help you and I´m looking forward to getting to know you!” 


„Hello, my name is Deyna Bobadilla. I´m from Peru. I´ve been a volunteer at ClubIn since summer 2017. I visited ClubIn when I was Au Pair. Here I had the chance to improve my German and ClubIn helped me to open the door to my future. At ClubIn I learned to integrate into the German society and ClubIn gave me lots of good friends. Now I´m responsable for the dance workshop. Furthermore I share my experiences about the voluntary social year or about finding my way to studying at a German university. In any case here is my advice: visit ClubIn. We will support you in all respects.”  


“Hi, this is Yoshi. I study computer science at the LMU. I´m from Japan and I´ve lived in Munich for 1,5 years. As I didn´t have friends here first, I came to ClubIn as a visitor. The more often I visited ClubIn the more I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. So now I´m part of the ClubIn-Team!” 


“Hey! I´m Sergio from Colombia. From my first days in Germany ClubIn has been a support for me. ClubIn offers great opportunities for young people to enjoy the time together and get to know nice people. I´ve been a volunteer at ClubIn since July 2019. And since that moment I´ve got the opportunity to help other people by sharing my experiences as an Au Pair and volunteer (voluntary ecological year).” 


“Hello! I’m Joeline O’Reilly and I’m studying Social Work in Munich. I will spend my internship semester in the ClubIn – and I’m excited to encounter unique people. I think everyone should dare to be themselves, no matter how ‘different’ you may feel. In the end, we have much more in common than there are differences. I‘m looking forward to you all!”